Starred playlist not syncing/working across desktop, laptop and mobile


Re: Starred playlist not syncing/working across desktop, laptop and mobile


@andrewfar wrote:

OKAY, this is seriously the worst customer service expiernece I've ever had. The "solutions" I have been given so far are all things I said I HAVE DONE MANY TIMES. I expressed my frustration and just recieved a response asking me to clear the cache and reinstall spotify on all my devices. I HAVE DONE THIS MANY TIMES AS WELL! 


Please actually solve this problem rather than giving me things to do that I have said from the begining and in my email that I have done. The "Starred" playlist on my account is broken and needs to be fixed. There's nothing I can do on my end. I am paying $10 a month and I am lacking one of the main features of Spotify Preimum, the abilty to star songs AND listen to my music library accross my devices. Please actually fix this problem. 


And if no one here can't, please elevate my case to someone who can. 

Your case is still in the system and will be escalated for you. We definitely should be able to get this fixed.


And we're sorry that the troubleshooting we've run through with you has been frustrating. We have to try to the basic things first to make sure it's not an easy fix (and most of the time, these steps work!)


Thanks for your patience.

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