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Starred songs major problem

Starred songs major problem

I recently unstarred all of my starred songs so I could re-organize.


I have been using my iphone app to go through and choose my new starred songs. 

However, on my desktop (Mac), none of my starred songs from my iphone will show up as starred.

If I star it on the desktop app it will only star on the desktop, not on my phone.

Everything else works just fine, whether I add or delete songs in any other playlist from my iphone or from my desktop. It is immediately the same on both.

I checked the spotify web player and it is up to date with my phone.

I do have Premium if that makes a difference.

I wanted to try the solution from this post: "Please read: Missing playlists/Premium disappeared" however I can't remember the password I originally used without facebook, and when I click on 'forgot my password' it forces me to sign in with facebook. Actually, I don't even remember if I ever did sign up without facebook in the first place.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have taken a quick look at your account and all seems fine.  Can I check that your phone and desktop application are on the same network?  Is your phone set for online usage - not set as offline?

Desktop is always the same network as my web player (which works with the phone), & the iphone I actually do switch around quite a bit, but I have checked it with every variable (offline/online - wifi (same network) - lte/3g) & no change.

Ok, then the best thing is probably to contact the support team at Link.  They should be able to help you with this.

K, will do, thanks

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