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Streaming quality using Stream Magic 6

Streaming quality using Stream Magic 6

Hi there,


I have a Spotify account and I have managed to stream music from Spotify using the newly avalable option on my CA Stream Magic 6.


Things are mainly OK and I have no trouble selecting music to play.


Just a query on the Streaming Quality on the Connect App however.


It seems as though I can select a 'high' stream quality and begin to stream music to my IPad.


When I select the option to stream to my Stream Magic player, though, this setting becomes 'greyed out' and a message shows indicating that 


'these options are not available using Connect'


Am I missing a setting somewhere? This is a game changer for me, and I would be more than happy to buy a Spotify subscription if it would allow me to stream hi-res.


All responses are appreciated



1 Reply

I guess, in that case, the streaming quality is fixed. But can it be confirmed that it is the highest quality?

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