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Struggling to download playlist on PC

Struggling to download playlist on PC

I have upgraded to Premium so I can download my playlists onto my PC. 

Spotify tells me they are downloaded but I can’t find them anywhere, they are not under my music files and I would like to load them onto a MP3 player for my son. Help?

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Hi @Sbug


You can download songs on Spotify, so you can listen to them offline on the account you downloaded them. You can't transfer them to another device as a mp3. 


Anything you download can be found in Your Library in your Spotify app. The Downloded symbol (green arrow pointing down in a circle) indicates what has been downloaded. 

Hey @Sbug, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

You can't play songs outside Spotify when you download them for offline listening.

They're in an encrypted format to protect the artists work, as you don't actually own the song in Spotify, neither does Spotify.


If you need help with your downloads though check out this article.


Thanks 🙂

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