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Subscription Counter Not Working Again Plus Playlist jumping

Subscription Counter Not Working Again Plus Playlist jumping

I remember over a year ago I had an issue with the subscription counter not working. It was a universal problem not just legacy software users. Once again, I subscribed the other night to a playlist and it's been over 48 hours and the counter has not budged.


Also some odd behavior today. I had a playlist "opened" and when it was finishing the 10th track, instead of continuing with the rest of the playlist, it actaully jumped to the first track on the playlist below it.


I'm using legacy software: Spotify: on MAC Tiger 4.11 PowerPC non-Intel.


Thanks if you can fix.



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Unfortunately, I really can't see Spotify releasing an update to correct this behaviour on a client so old! 


The playlist counter issue has been a bit tempermental on all platforms recently, so I don't think that is down to your client at all! 



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I agree Peter. Temperamental is the right word. I just subscribed to a playlist and this time the counter registerd correctly. However, the playlist jumping to another playlist was very weird. I know when you don't open the playlist and you get to the 10th song on the list, it will jump to the first song on the playlist below. But I actually had this list fully opened with 24 tracks, and it jumped when it got to track 10 to the playlist below it. Maybe it was just a gremlin and I won't be able to duplicate it. We'll see.



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