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Sync Individual Songs.. Not Entire playlist

Sync Individual Songs.. Not Entire playlist

Is there a way to sync just 1 or 2 songs in a playlist without synching the entire playlist.  Spotify won't play a local song unless it's downloaded and cached but the only way to do that is to sync the entire playlist for offline and I don't want to have to do that as it takes up lots of space, and especially since Spotify has most of my playlist songs on it's server.  Thanks

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Hi, and welcome to the community!

Unfortunately this is not currently a feature of Spotify. There is an idea for it somewhere on the community but I can't find it for some reason sorry 😛



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Ok Thank You

Yes there is a way to do that. Put the songs you want to sync into a different playlist, i.e. have them in 2 playlists, and then you can sync just the ones you need.


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