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Although I use spotify daily and favorite dozens of songs, follow artists, add songs to playlists, search other artists - my Top Recommendations page doesn't change at all.  Nothing has changed in 6 weeks or more.  


However, my Discover Weekly and New Release playlists always update on Mon and Fri.  How to fix this?? 







Macbook Pro 

Operating System

iOS 10.13.6


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7 weeks now.  All Browse section and Top Recommendations are the same.   

Hey @beezer537.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this, and apologies for the late reply!


There's an existing thread where a similar issue is described relating to the 'More like...' feature not updating. Could you confirm that you are also experiencing that issue?


If so, could you head over to this thread, where you can add your vote to show that you are experiencing the issue. Make sure to leave the requested info in the comments section in the thread as well. We'll keep you posted there and let you know as soon as we have any updates.


Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you but I've read thru the entire thread and tried everything suggested.  No change.  The function just stopped working about two months ago and can't be fixed from my end.

Also, after someone suggested deleting Recently Played items to fix the problem, I noticed that most of what I've listened to is not listed in Recently Played.  Maybe this is where the issue stems from. If spotify doesnt know what I'm playing it can't make new suggestions.

In a bizarre twist, I deleted most of my Recently Played section and then listened to a lot of music I like to try to get it to recommend things to me today.  It still didn't recommend anything and when I checked my Recently Played today none of the music I listened to is there but random music I've never heard of is listed.  Crazy.  Get it together, Spotify.

Hey @beezer537


If you're seeing unfamiliar music, it may be the case that your account has been used somewhere else. For this, we strongly suggest that you go through all the steps on this help article. Regarding the other thread, the teams are still looking into this and we'll keep you updated from there.


All the best!


No one else is using my account.  This is simply a bug, one of many, in spotify.  All of my favorited songs are my own, all of my playlists are my own.  Yet the music I listen to does not show up in Recently Played and no matter who or what I search, play and favorite - my recommendations never change.  8 weeks now since they have changed.  This is a spotify problem, not unique to my account.

Hey @beezer537.


Thanks for getting back to us.


Have you checked if you experience the same on a different device? That way we can know if it's related to your device. If you experience the same on a different device, it's likely related to your account. We recommend creating a new account in that case.


No worries, if you make sure your music collection is stored in public playlists, you can visit your old account with your new account and grab all your songs from there. You’ll be able to visit your old account by putting the following string in the search bar:  spotify:user:username


Don't forget to replace username with your old username. Oh and by the way, If you want to use the same email address for your new account, you'll have to close your old account. You'll have 7 days to visit your old account and find your music there. You’ll also need to cancel your subscription on your old account, in case you have a Premium account.


We hope you'd like to try this! It's a lot quicker than it might seem. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day


I got the same issue as well, however, I recently updated my account password and for some reason, it got updated. I do not if it was a coincidence but it worked.

It's impossible to compare on another device because if I use the app on my phone instead of the desktop app on my computer they function completely differently.  There is no "Because you listened to" or "Top Recommendations" on the phone app.  It simply recommends spotify curated playlists under the heading "More of what you like", not songs or artists.  It's comparing apples to oranges.  It's amazing that you change functionality and features from one device to another and the only solution offered is to delete my account and start over.

FYI I created a new account, favorited and listened to the music from my old playlists... and still nothing even in the new account.  No Top Recommendations, no Because You Listened To.  Why not just admit that Spotify has removed this feature instead of sending people in circles?

Hey folks,


Thanks for keeping us posted on this.


This is an issue which we are aware of, and which we are currently looking into.


We suggest you head on over to the relevant thread here, where you can add your vote to show that you are experiencing the issue.


Make sure to also leave the requested info in the comments section in the thread.


We'll keep you posted there and let you know as soon as we have any updates.


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