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[TUTORIAL] OS X: Make external apps work with Version 1.x

[TUTORIAL] OS X: Make external apps work with Version 1.x

Hey dear community,


with the update to version 1.x many things have changed...

You may have recognized, that external apps, like "Tunes Notifier" for OSX don't work with this new version any more.


"Tunes Notifier" ( already got an update to fix this. Attention: Mac App Store Version is not up to date, since Apple rejects the updates.


For all other external apps that did not receive an update so fare, there seems to be an easy fix:


"You need to right click on the Spotify app in the Application folder and select “Show Package Contents”.

Then copy the file “Contents/Ressources/applescript/Spotify.sdef” to the “Contents/Ressources” folder.

Restart Spotify and any external app that you use and it will work again." (Source: Tunes Notifier developer)


Hope this works for you guys 🙂

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Thanks for this tip. It still doesn't fix the issues with Bowtie completely, and sadly the app has been abandoned by the makers. For some reason I can't get the counter to work, it will only tell how far a song has progressed when you hit pause, but won't display it live while playing. If anyone has any idea how to get this working again: many thanks!

This fix brought back the important functions of SkipTunes: pause, next track and play. Album artwork does not appear and accessing Spotify via SkipTunes is not possible... Prior to using this fix SkipTunes wouldn't even launch.

It worked for me with Bowtie!!!


Bowtie 1.5 (1500)




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