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Today's Spotify update ( crashes on macOS


Today's Spotify update ( crashes on macOS

This version was working fine:

Spotify for macOS (Apple Silicon)


But this one crashes/closes Spotify when using the player (eg. play/next/previous actions) 

Spotify for macOS (Apple Silicon)


Re-installing/downgrading to from the downloader fixes it for the time being.


Thanks for a quick fix.


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I have the same issue:


Spotify för macOS (Apple Silicon)


Please do something about this asap.

EDIT: Finally got an update that works fine:


Spotify för macOS (Apple Silicon)

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Same issue in the following upgrade:


Spotify for macOS (Apple Silicon)

I have the same issue (Spotify for Mac (Intel)  - MacBook Pro - MacOS Monterey Version 12.6.6). 

Hey folks,


Thanks for posting in the Community and welcome.


@_stephane, we really appreciate the time you took to report this to us. Just a friendly reminder: keep in mind there's no official site or web to download and install an older version of the app. All users should only download the app from our official website, this way, we can advise adequate alternatives for the inconveniences. 

That being said, just to confirm, is this happening no matter what content you select to listen? It'd be awesome if you could check. If this is happening when playing a specific playlist/album, please send us the link to it. You can do that by following the steps in this article.


@AnotherWaytoD, you can check for possible new version updates in the three dot menu that you can find in the left-top of your screen in the desktop app. There, select Help> About Spotify. If there’s a new version available, you’ll see a button “restart to install”.

If the above doesn't do the trick, we'd like to check: do you use a VPN? If yes, try switching it off.

Keep us in the loop!

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Strange, I just tried again and it works with


But just to answer your questions:

- not using a VPN

- it seemed to happen on all tracks (albums, liked songs, playlists)

- always using the official app


Thanks for your help, I will come back to you if it happens again.

Also having the same issue with 

Spotify for macOS (Apple Silicon)


Application crashes when playing Play on any song (tried different Playlists including offline)


-- Edit


Was able to make it work after disconnecting the bluetooth headphones and connecting them again. 

Went to lunch, now doesn't work again. Disconnecting and connect the headphones again doesn't solve the issue.

It works when playing with the speakers but doesn't work when connected to the headphones. So probably something related with the Bluetooth handling.

@_stephane  / @AnotherWaytoD  Did you also got the same issue when connecting to Bluetooth device?

I use Wifi audio instead of Bluetooth audio (so, still wireless), but I can confirm I regularly switch between different outputs: macbook speakers/headphones/wifi speakers

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I have the same issue:


Spotify för macOS (Apple Silicon)


Please do something about this asap.

EDIT: Finally got an update that works fine:


Spotify för macOS (Apple Silicon)

Seems so.

Spotify didn't crash after updating to 

Spotify for macOS (Apple Silicon)



Same problems here. Some findings:

- The app is continuously requesting bluetooth access silently in the background, even though permission for this has been previously denied through the MacOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Bluetooth panel.

- It's hammering my local network with service broadcasts and device lookup requests.

- It is repeatedly making reverse DNS lookups for the same set of local network device names. Like, amongst some other random addresses also, it keeps making PTR requests for my local router and my laptop's local network address every 5 seconds.

- It's generating insane amounts and all kinds of sandbox system privilege violation errors. Some of the things it's trying to get to are HIGHLY questionable and invasive. Just one example:


Sandbox: Spotify Helper ((1178) deny(1) sysctl-read hw.nperflevels
Violation:       deny(1) sysctl-read hw.nperflevels
Process:         Spotify Helper ( [1178]


- Endless loop of Spotify trying to update the system now playing info (through mediaremote and nowplaying) and the system then booting it out and resetting everything due to various kinds of violations, assertion failures, timeouts, etc. Just one random example:


Failed to retrieve application-identifier from SecTask. This typically indicates that the process is missing the application-identifier entitlement. It must match the process' bundle identifier. This is a client-issue. Check the crash report for the Coalition process. PID: 0


 - Whatever you're trying to do with my system's security certificates and DNS settings: stop it.

- And even more things, I'm not even kidding.


There is something seriously wrong with the Spotify mac client. It's starting to behave similar to malware.


And then I haven't even touched on the new UI changes or mobile app updates yet. Both terrible to begin with, but entirely inaccessible and unusable by people with autism/adhd/etc.


I am so done with Spotify right now...

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