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I have a problem. When i want to play songs from local files a blue message appears on top of my screen which says: track is unavailbe, if the file is on your PC please import it. 

Songs that originally are on spotify work well but when i try to play songs from my local files i get that message. Please help me ive had this issue for over 4 months now.

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Hey @user-removed!


Could you send us your OS and Spotify version numbers? Also, are the local files saved in your hard drive still, or have you removed them?


We'll see what we can suggest.

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Thanks for replying, what do you mean with my OS and spotify version numbers? The local files are still in my downloads.

Thanks for getting back to us.


We'll need to know the operating system this is happening on as well as the Spotify version you're using. On PC, you can find this info by going to Help > About Spotify.


We'll be right here waiting for that info.

Hi @Alfredo


Thanks for responding. i found it, its:



Thanks for the info!


Can you also let us know the operating system you're using? Also, can you make sure you're following the exact steps listed here?


Lastly, does restarting the app make a difference? You can also try logging out and back in to see if it helps.


Let us know how it goes.

Hey @user-removed!


We're closing this thread as we didn't receive an answer from you. If you're still having the same issue, just give us a shout.


All the best 🙂

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