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Two different account but one computer

Two different account but one computer


I wan't to know if it's possiblie to send song from two different account to one Mac app ...


I have a premium account and my girlfirend has another one. I have a mac plug on speaker and my spotify account on it ... 


Will my girlfriends be able to cast on it ?



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Hi there,


If the Mac is logged into your account, and your girlfriend is using a different Spotify account, then, unfortunately, she will not be able to cast her music to your Mac. If you wish to have a setup like this, then I highly recommend a Google Chromecast Audio, they will allow either of you to stream from your phones to the speaker.


Hope this helps,


Yeah the issu is I would need to switch the speaker between the mac and the chromecast every time....

Hey @thib5,


As @ThomasPegler said, in order to use Spotify Connect the devices must be logged into the same account.


What I recommend you could do is to create a playlist for both of you to add to, to then allow you to play off that playlist.


Hope this helps!



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