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Unable to add songs to certain playlists

Unable to add songs to certain playlists

Recently I started noticing that when I try to add a song to one of my already existing playlists, only some of them show up in the list as available to add a song to. I had thought that maybe I'd accidentally deleted some playlists, but I've confirmed that I can see and play all of my original playlists from the righthand sidebar in my desktop app. Today, I tried to add a song to a playlist that didn't appear (only 4 of the many playlists I have showed up in the list)... So I logged out of my account hoping that would make a difference and tried again, only to find that, now, only 2 playlists of my many showed up in the list. This problem is currently happening in both my iPhone and desktop apps, and is getting to be quite frustrating, since building playlists is one of the main reasons I use Spotify. Sometimes all of the playlists show up in the list like they should, but I would like this to stop happening, period. Any guidance/suggestions are appreciated!

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It's a bug with playlist already reported for the last version. In my case, only happens on my macbook and not on iPhone.


Hope Spotify will fix it quickly ! This is a premium function we are paying for !

Gotcha. Thanks for the heads up--I feel a bit better at least knowing what
is going on! But yes, I hope it's fixed soon as well, it's a real pain...

This happens also to me on my mac. It‘s getting especially on my nerves that the folders I created are shown as empty when I want to add a song to one of the playlists wich are in them. Of course it‘s also annoying with the Playlists wich are not in folders who diapoear all the time when you want to add a song. I hope they will fix it soon because I am also creating and etditing playlists all the time normally.

I agree it is very frustrating, I right click a song, sometimes I see one playlist, two minues later 5 appear but never the one I want - it is very random.


This is why I pay for Premium - I want Spotify to add songs to playlists. am considering alternatives because of this.

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