Unable to find local files


Unable to find local files


Hello all ! Since the last update of the spotify desktop client, i am experiencing a quite annoying bug.


My local files (which where perfectly handled before the update) are now invisible and unreachable 😞


I tried already reboot / log off from spotify and back in / reinstall, but i have the problem on my windows laptop AND on my macbook.


Does someone have any information about this, or better, a fix for me ? 


Thank you all by advance 🙂



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Re: Unable to find local files

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There is currently a problem where it will not show if you have more than 20,000 local files.


The desktop team is investigating it, but there is currently no estimated time frame on when it will be fixed.

Re: Unable to find local files

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I have the same problem, but "just" ~10.000 Files

Re: Unable to find local files

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I have same problem -- with 6,500 files. They show up on the initial indexation (slowly and very laggy), but an empty list is shown after app restart.