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Unable to install Spotify after uninstalling

Unable to install Spotify after uninstalling

I was trying to download the newest version of Spotify and update the application on my Mac. The program froze and even with force quit was still not working.. I was able to uninstall the spotify application in hopes of redownloading in order to update it as well. 

I have tried the clean uninstall and every time I try to install, it just says that "Installation has failed" and that an "error has occured while trying to download spotify" then gives me the option to quit or download from .... which then loops me back to the beginning of clicking on it and then the error pops up. 

I would love if someone could help me! I'm lost without my music for studying 

Thank you!!

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Hello there and welcome to the community,


What I suggest :


1) If you don't have it, dowmoad the program ccleaner (it's safe and powerful, even the free version) and use it to clean all tracks from Spotify on your computer.


2) download and install the latest version here : Mac:

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Exactly the same issue here. And a similar issue on windows too. All other Downloads and Internet Access works.

Same problem here. I did a fresh install of OS X and now I can't install Spotify.

This was less than helpful for this problem!

Have the same exact problem! Need help!

I'm having the same problem and finding no solution at the moment. I've tried doing a Clean Reinstall but the same thing happens. It also worked fine last night and then just stopped working before I went to bed.

Right, you guys! Seriously this is killing me! Anyone who might have an answer! Please let me know!!!!!!!!

Ugh! I've been having the same problem. I've tried just about everything and absolutely nothing is working. I'm glad I'm not alone.

Mac OS X 10.5 is no longer supported by Spotify from v0.8.8 onwards, as was announced here.

If you have Mac OS X 10.5 and you don't wish to update your operating system, you can follow the instructions below to get a working version of the client and prevent it from updating.


Please only use this client if you are using Mac OS X 10.5! As this is unofficial, using a previous version of the client is unsupported by Spotify. If you can run v0.8.8.450 then I would suggest you do so.


Folks, we've now resolved this issue.

Here's how to get the right Spotify version for you: (THIS IS AN OLD VERSION, BUT IT WORKS!) Don't try to upgrade either

  1. Make sure you remove your current Spotify app. Instructions can be found here.
  2. Download the "new" version from either our download page or by using this direct link
  3. Install Spotify-0.8.5.dmg
  4. Run Spotify
This version should no longer try to automatically update your Spotify app.

If you still experience any issues please make sure to have a look at our Mac-specific troubleshooting guide.


HI there,


My sister ried to download and install spotify (she has done it twice) but both screens are stuck on the "Installation - Installing, please be patient..." part. The blue bar is fully loaded on both windows however nothing is happening. I have tried to both eject and quit the installers but it wont work. It says that it is unable to do so.

I have managed to download Spotify on to her laptop myslef, but I still can't get rid of her two attampts and installer disks.


Please help!





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