Unable to submit to Playlist Exchange


Unable to submit to Playlist Exchange








Macbook Pro pre 2016

Operating System

iOS 10


My Question or Issue

I've been attempting to post a playlist on Playlist Exchange for months in attempt to accept track submissions, with the same result; continuous error alerts prompting me to input URL or URI repeatedly.

ANy assistance is appreciated.

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Re: Unable to submit to Playlist Exchange

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Hey! I had a really similar issue yesterday, and what ended up working for me was using this format:


spotify:user:<your username here>:playlist:<playlist URI>


The playlist URI is the series of numbers and letters that you get at the end of the copied selection from the Spotify player, and you can copy and paste your Username from your Account Overview.


Something else I learned later was that after you paste the URI code that you get straight from your Spotify playlist, you have to hit 'Tab' in order to verify it.


This might be worth a shot as well, and will probably be easier than the method I mentioned above. I haven't tried it myself though, but no harm in trying!


Hope this helps 🙂


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