Unknown songs when playlist finishes


Unknown songs when playlist finishes




Various times now I've found Spotify on Mac has randomly started playing tracks which I don't recognise. It's made doubly irritating because  when I go to the Play Queue there seems to be no way in the current version of working out what playlist it is currently playing from!


I think this happens when my current queue runs out or the current playlist finishes, but I'd rather in these instances that it went either a) back to the beginning or b) stopped rather than playing some unknown nonsense.


Where are these random songs coming from? How can I disable this feature? Also where does Spotify now tell you what the 'currently playing from' playlist is?


The main issue is that it takes at least a few songs for me to work out that it isn't just some oddball track which I've added to my songs (either accidentally or as a reminder to check a cerrain track or artist out in future) and by that time I've listened to 3 or 4 songs which I never wanted to listen to.


Very annoying and it stinks of some kind of promoted track type arrangement (like on SoundCloud where I find that after a while it automatically starts playing **bleep**ty promoted tracks from a completely different genre if you don't pay attention!)



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