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Unskippable Ads

Unskippable Ads


I have been facing a very annoying issue for the past year now which is unskippable ads. I can skip ads on my other laptop and my phone but not on this laptop. Tried seeking Spotify customer support help but they never even tried to help and just were persistent in selling Premium. If anyone else is facing this issue then please reply to this post. The problem with this issue is that I literally have to sit through 3 ads all 30 seconds every 2-3 songs which drives me crazy. Spotify also doesn't admit that its a problem and they need to fix it as I have been told to provide proofs and screenshots of the Spotify app of every device I can and cannot skip ads on. One of the advisors admitted it but just blamed it on the nature of the advertisement.


It would be very good ff any one here could please provide me some answers. 


Thank You


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