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Volume/play drop out every second?

Volume/play drop out every second?

I just updated the app on my Mac laptop and now the play back is completely glitching and its unlistenable. The volume seems to be cutting or the play is stopping just for a split second every second or so - so its completely unlistenable.

It sounds like the playing is just momentarily pausing for that split second before resuming, but I noticed the volume control is not as it should be - it seems to be grey rather than green and 'flickering' at each moment the music stops.


This is completely killing my ability to use it, its utterly impossible to listen to it when its doing this.
For some puzzling reason, Spotify wont allow uploads of mp3, so have zipped up an example recording of the problem.
Thanks in advance!





Macbook Pro late 2016

Operating System

10.13.6 (High Sierra)

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As there were no replies to this curious problem, I completely uninstalled the app including all the various cache files, restarted and then reinstalled the app.

That seemed to have fixed it.

Irritating waste of 30 minutes though.

ITS HAPPENING AGAIN! Have attached a short video of what is happening


Surely someone knows what the problem is?


Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but no difference.


I'm beginning to wonder why I'm paying for Premium Family.


Seriously, no one?

This happens to me all the time, spent an hour with chat deleting and reinstalling, still the same BS.  It also happens on my Alexa device but seems to work flawlessly on my phone.

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