Weird Hidden Album


Weird Hidden Album


I have a bunch of songs saved from an album that are playable through my "songs" and the album is still there if I click the link to it.  However, if I go to the artist's page the album has been replaced - same album, same songs (except for one) but it's not the album I added songs from.  It doesn't show that I've added the songs with a "check".  


Whats going on?  Its like there are two of the same album and the one I added songs from is now hidden from the artist page.  Thanks....

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Re: Weird Hidden Album


Hey @chrisdempsey.


Sometimes, multiple versions of the same album are available on Spotify, so this might be the reason why you see two different albums.


This won't interfere with the one you've already saved, but keep in mind some content can be removed because of licensing changes.


All the best.

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