What did you do with the Friends Sidebar!?


What did you do with the Friends Sidebar!?

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Just updated and now it's a dummy list showing me fake greyed out users. Thanks but I already had friends I was subscribed to- now they're not supported because you have some new Facebook integration? Well, I know those people had FB accounts, but they're not showing up because maybe they aren't linked. That's ridiculous.

Spotify is one of my most used applications, and also one of the worst. Can we not just have some moments when one is happy to open it? Plz?



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Hello @spotify116

Some users are having issue with the Friend Activity sidebar right now but it should be fixed soon.

Thank you for your patience and have a great day.

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I have seen that this is a common problem today among users, but some say you have to reinstall in order for the feed to reappear. This doesn't solve the issue! When will Spotify fix this? Thanks for your help!

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Thank you @jsannn.  You bring some hope on in this sad sad situation. I love checking out the songs and tunes turning up ithe right side field of my Spoyify application as those friends I have added there put them on. So now I really hope Spotify'll be able to solve this issue real soon. Love, Julius


It's Friday now, my app updated last night I think and now my friends bar looks the same. All grayed out and no friends are shown. This is upsetting! Please fix this Spotify!

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Same problem here!

I do not have a FB account and do not understand why Spotify allows FB's tentacles into their environment so extensively.  Keeps getting worse...

Please allow non-FB users to continue to follow friends and artists in the Spotify environment.

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Same issue here too. 

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Same here, even after uninstalling and reinstalling. This is really frustrating! I specifically created a new Spotify account so I wouldn't have to be connected to Facebook (and lost years worth of listening data to do it.) Now they won't let me see my friends' activity without reconnecting?