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When I shuffle music on Spotify, why won't it show music by a specific artist?

When I shuffle music on Spotify, why won't it show music by a specific artist?


Hey, I have Spotify Premium and have an issue with playlist shuffling. I have a playlist with multiple songs by specific artists:

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 4.14.41 PM.pngYet, whenever i shuffle the playlist songs by a particular artist (Gorillaz) will not appear:Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 4.17.46 PM.png

This has never occured to me before, and does not appear to be occuring on other playlists. I have tried making a new playlist with the same combination of songs, but it changed nothing. Please help!

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Hello @hps6211 ,

Looks like you have great taste in music! But no jamming session is complete without a bit of the Gorillaz, is it!

Anyway, Have you tried logging out and logging in again? Also make sure you have the most up to date version of spotify. If logging out and in again doesnt work, Try logging out then restarting your computer/internet connecion then logging back into spotify. Hope this Helps

Happy Listening!

Thank you for answering my question! But your suggestion does not seem to have changed anything. I have also tried to see if the issue was only present while I was online, but it seems the same thing happens while offline as well...

Hmm that is quite odd. Can we get you to try to listen to that playlist on another device if thats possible? if the issue still persists, please let me know.

Or if that option is unavaliable, try making a smalller playlist with about 5 artists in it, then put in more Gorillaz songs than other songs in the playlist, and try putting that on shuffle. Then get back to me and tell me the results. I'm just as eager as you are to solve this one! I guess you could say these are the Demon Days!

Happy Listening!

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