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When using the desktop app music will randomly starts playing on my phone

When using the desktop app music will randomly starts playing on my phone

I use spotify to listen to music at my office, using the desktop app on OSX. However, over the last two weeks I've gotten a really critical bug: music that should be playing through my computer will randomly start playing through my android phone. This has happened at least 5 times recently. Sometimes it happens when I press play, and sometimes it happens when a song switches, but it's completely unpredicable. 


I've been using spotify premium for years, but this is seriously making me consider quitting. It's bad enough that the phone app and desktop app are connected with no options to disable it, but this bug is actually disrupting my coworkers, to the point where I'll have to look for a different music service if it's not fixed soon

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I have the same bug for Windows 10. I'm playing music on my desktop pc with headphones on. The playback suddenly switched to my android app. I didn't do anything, this happened 2,3 times now. Last time it was in the middle of the night...

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

Same issue here. I'm just spamming a bit in the threads that I could find about this problem, multiple people are experiencing this issue apparently.



See, they haven't been able to reproduce the bug but there should be a fix in the upcoming release 8.4.1

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