Whenever I click on an album it doesn't even load at all


Whenever I click on an album it doesn't even load at all







iMac (late 2015)

Operating System

OS Mojave


My Question or Issue

I've had this problem where about 80% of the time, I go to click on an album or even search something up, but the album or search result just won't load at all. It's not stuck on a spinning circle or anything, it just doesn't do anything. This has only started happening very recently and I don't understand why.


Along with that problem, occasionally I click "Play" on a song because of course I want to play it, and instead of playing, it just turns off the current song and doesn't let me play ANY other song from that album unless I close and reopen the application. Does anyone know how this may have occured? 


The part that's kind of confusing though is that sometimes the albums and search results DO show up after waiting a while. But then again, this problem is occurring over and over again. 


(Also some backstory: About a week ago I went to a computer store to get my Mac's hard drive replaced, and then we turned it in a few days later to get the screen properly sealed back on.)