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Why I can't hide/remove song on desktop?

Why I can't hide/remove song on desktop?







Macbook Pro 2018


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MacOs Catalina 10.15


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Why can't I hide music on my computer?
Why hidden songs on the phone are being played on the computer?

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Spotify Legend

Hey @btz1 and @SimonOpsi,


Thanks for searching for the answer you need here.


Currently you can select the Hide this song option next to a song only on mobile devices. Keep in mind that this option is device and playlist specific, which meant that it can still come up on another device or playlist. Something that might be more convenient for you is to stop a certain artist from playing altogether on the mobile device you're using. Do that end navigate to to Artist page and select Don't play this


Other users have went ahead and posted an idea requesting that the option to select Don't like this is added everywhere. If this is something you'd also like to see  you can consider adding your +VOTE to this idea. We'll keep you informed on any developments there, as soon as there are any.


Hope this shines a bit of light on the matter. We'll be here if you have any other questions.


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Or ANY customers for that matter. Just judging from the state Spotify still is in, I would never become a paying customer. 

Commenting here to maybe hopefully boost this back up. Pretty ridiculous Spotify can't streamline mobile and desktop features, especially one that should so obviously be included. Maybe one day they'll do the bare minimum instead of pumping out and AI "DJ" that finds the one single Cardi B song I've ever liked and decides its a pillar of my music taste.

Please fix this. Your customers have been asking this one simple thing from you for YEARS. I shouldn’t have to keep hearing the same offensive garbage music I’ve repeatedly specified NOT to play. You have the resources to fix the issue but repeatedly refuse to do so. Why? I’ve been a paying customer for more than 10 years. Does that matter? Even a little? 

Came here looking for a solution to this issue. There are songs in albums that have lyrics I don't like but they're not explict so not automatically hidden using that feature so I manually want to hide them.


Update: Workaround that I found is to save the album as a playlist and remove the song from the playlist. Clunky.

Yet another year passed and Spotify clearly doesn't **bleep** for what we need. Just give me access to source code and I'll add it for you in 1 hour...

December 2023 and this tiny issue still isn't fixed. 😞

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