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Why is my Facebook profile still showing up?

Why is my Facebook profile still showing up?

I disconnected Spotify from Facebook but my Facebook name still shows up. I tried logging in and logging back out, uninstalling and reinstalling, and this has not worked. I don't my FB name to appear at all (which is different from my Spotify username).


However...sometimes I may want to connect to FB so that I can share what I'm listening to, and then re-disconnect. Will this cause the same problem? I would prefer that my Spotify username is visible at all times, not my FB name.


Please help.

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@hollyhood156, I have found that when you change your facebook connection, that it sometimes takes an hour or so for your name to change.  Spotify probably has the names cached.  If after a few hours your name doesn't change then feel free to let us know and we can investigate further.

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