Wi-Fi Issues with Libratone Zipp & Spotify Connect with Macbook Airplay/Android

Wi-Fi Issues with Libratone Zipp & Spotify Connect with Macbook Airplay/Android


I couldn't reply to a previous post regarding issues with connecting the Wi-Fi features of the Libratone Zipp to Spotify Connect.


I have been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why the Wi-Fi was not connecting to the Zipp via the Libratone App. I did a soft reset, hard factory reset, reinstalling the Libratone App, reset to my router and modem. Nothing.


The Wi-Fi symbol had an exclamation mark and the app asked me to connect manually through the Wi-Fi direct function but that kept bringing me back to the main page. The Libratone App found the Zipp speaker with no issue, but still would not connect. Then it dawned on me that I am using two separate O/S to access Spotify and connect to my Zipp.


Here's the fix for my particular issue:


I use Spotify and connect via Wi-Fi (Spotify Connect, paid subscription only) through my Android and Macbook Pro. There must be a glitch with how Airplay behaves because when I reconnect to the Zipp through my Spotify Connect (Airplay), and then use the Libratone App on my Android, it seems to have reset the connections. It appears that sometimes there's a communication error when both are used and takes reconnecting via Airplay on the Macbook to refresh everything. All is well now and I can carry on with my day. Hope this helps you out.



Galaxy S8+, Zipp, Macbook Pro




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Hey @DiamondDriver.


Thanks for posting your solution on the Community!


I'm sure that other users who are experiencing this will find it very useful indeed 🙂


Thanks again, and stay awesome!



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