Will last.fm scrobble retroactively?

Will last.fm scrobble retroactively?

I've been using Spotify for about 3 years, but I've only just come across the ability to connect to Last.fm. My question is, will it scrobble/collect the music I've listened to since I signed up for Spotify, or from the point of connection to Last.fm on? I need to find the music I listened to last month for a project I'm working on and I listen to so much music that Spotify history only collects it day by day for me because it only collects 50 songs. Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hi @claredaly77 and welcome to the Community! 

Unfortunately, it will only

scrobble from date of account creation/link. I  signed up for it too after many years of already using Spotify since I was wanting more visibility as well. But it didn’t count all my prior streaming history. Hope this helps and have a great day! 

Due to GDPR Spotify now offers to download your user data here:




See this posting on Last.fm's support forum for more info:




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