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Wrong playlist starts playing after clicking play button on daily mix

Wrong playlist starts playing after clicking play button on daily mix

Plan: Premium Family

Country: Netherlands

Device: Macbook Pro 16"

Operating System: macOS Ventura


My Question or Issue:
In the desktop app, if I click the play button directly on one of my Daily Mix playlists, it does not start playing this playlist, but a playlist that was playing before. If I click the tile of the playlist I want the UI glitches and shows the wrong playlist for a second before loading the correct one.


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Hmm, this behavior seems strange. Don't think I've ever seen this before.

When this happens, if you click on the album artwork in the lower left corner, it should take you to the playlist that's currently playing. Does this take you to what's actually playing or what you clicked on (in this example, Daily Mix 4).


In the meantime, I'd recommend performing a clean install.

I recorded a video of it happening. Clicking the album artwork for the first time glitches through the actual playlist that's playing and then switches to the playlist it should be according to the green playing icon. 

The recording is the second time I try it, where this glitch does not happen and it directly opens the playlist without the song on it.

Does it only happen with your Daily Mix playlists, or does it happen with any playlists?


When this occurs, what does the web player say? It could be possible that the playlist isn't updating within your Spotify client, and the song playing is actually in the selected playlist.

If the clean reinstall doesn't work, you could try signing out and back in twice, to force a resync of data. However, the clean reinstall should do that for you.

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