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constantly freezes

constantly freezes

freezes constantly. can't browse without it freezing. just turns black with the loading image. i click on an artist and it freezes midway. click on one of my playlists and it freezes. click play on a song and it freezes and won't play the song. sometimes it's only for a few minutes, other times it's for hours. it's been doing it for so long i can't even remember when it started. 

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Hello! I'd recommend reinstall the Spotify app.

Please let me know if you have any question or just simply accept this as a solution.

Same here, a list of many issues with the Spotify Mac app. I usually have to switch to web player because after searching a couple times, the app won't load new searches, some songs don't play, etc. When will this be fixed? I've tried everything.

Hey @joel2762!


Could you provide me with your macOS version and Spotify version?


Are you doing anything CPU intense in the background when using Spotify? 



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