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deleting spotify

deleting spotify

hi please delete my account NOW. i dont want to use it anymore because i think my privacy isnt secured very well! plus my 2 emails to delet my account have been ignored! bad customer service

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Hi there,
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May I ask you why you're so upset about your privacy being insecure?

When logging in to your account an HTTPS (SSL: Secure Socket Layer) encryption of AES256 is used. This HTTPS connection also appears when you are going to extend your subscription, or when you get a new connection (shortly; when making an payment).

Company's, such as your bank, also use HTTPS.


Unfortunately, the only way to cancel your account is by contact Spotify.

Have you replied to the automated confirmation e-mail (the mail which redirects you to here)? If not, please reply so an Spotify employee can get back to you as soon as possible (even when it says no-reply).

i have done that two times and how i wrote above there was no answer... i want to have it deleted now and i dont have to give reason why..


Well, maybe @user-removed @Greg @Grace @Jason or @AshR are able to help you with this. 


Do you have an case ID for us? 




I have bumped the case  - an advisor should pick it up soon

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