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drag and drop broken after update

drag and drop broken after update

osx 10.9.5, spotify
dragging tracks into playlist now does nothing, and dragging folders into spotify playlist results in this:

 also used to be able to drag stracks from itunes playlists to spotify playlists -- this helped greatly with bringing deeply nested local files into spotify playlists. this does not work any more either.


anyone see this issue, or is this how it is now?

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This is not supported in the new version.
Spotify plans to bring some features back, but it is currently not known if the feature you mentioned will be coming back.

You can still add local files to Spotify. Go into the settings and under "Local Files" you can import the source folder that contains the local files.

After you do that, the local files will appear in the "Local Files" section.

Find the song and then drag it over to a playlist.

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now on looking around this board, i find this is just one facet of a totally botched major update, so i don't expect this very specific concern to get any traction.


so at least i'm not losing my mind, but this new version is still a hideous drag.

is anyone privy to the rationale for removing this specific feature?

it seems hostile to simply eliminate a functioning method of importing and managing songs. 


to make things worse, it seems spotify will no longer play songs not contained in enabled sources, even if the local files are still available at the same path and were previously added to a playlist while the source was enabled.

this may be very ugly but acceptable, if the local source scanning was at all reliable or efficient. for example, i have 15ks in itunes here, but only 1780 show up in spotify when i enable the itunes source. when i toggle the source and reopen spotify, sometimes the same 1780, sometimes 2600 show up. once! it showed me 13ks.


combined with the not-playing-if-not-listed behavior, this makes any playlists based on local files utterly unusable.


adding a large external drive with an old music library on it has pinned the spotify helper process at 130% cpu usage for the last half hour or so, and it's only at 9000 scanned. in the meantime, all local and shared playlists show up totally empty:


at just under 11ks scanned, the interface became totally unusable, with delays in excess of 30 seconds when clicking any ui element. playing track info or progress has not been updated for some minutes.

when adding some subdirectories one at a time to attempt to avoid this unacceptable slowdown, the files are scanned correctly, and in linear time, but then toggling sources (except for the not quite functioning built-ins) also removes them irretrievably from the list of sources.

at the same time, seems like tracks will still double up if they are in the lucky itunes imports AND a currently enabled local source (at the same filesystem path)


and now if local files cannot be searched or filtered, how will we know the latest additions even if the library scanning behaves normally?

All they do is remove features... 

At this rate I will soon have to play the music myself  to listen to it... 


I am now looking for a new music streaming service...

I think I will be doing the same. 

I had the same issue as well. To fix the slow interface I had to manually remove each local folder that was added. This was quite a few as spotify creates one entry per subfolder on the local disk 😞

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