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Imac 2011 running High Sierra




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At login from side bar icon  get 'error 37' firewall issue etc  (as attached) and haven't been able to login  for several months ....will work on my ipad though (so the firewall isn't the issue?).  Spotify worked perfectly well on the Imac for several years until 6 months ago and we have not added anything that would create a problem as far as I am aware. Also when I reset the password and 'go to account' that gets me in? Any help with this appreciated 

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Hi there!

I know it sounds simple, but it's often overlooked. Could you try restarting your device? If that doesn't help, try a quick clean reinstall of the app. Just follow these steps.

If you're still having trouble, could you let me know the exact version of Spotify and the exact version of the operating system you're running?

I'll see what I can suggest next!

Been away but thanks for getting back, yes have tried both of those - didn't work! Can't access the Spotify version we were using at  'about ' - it's inactive - unless you can tell me where else to look?  Our  system is High Sierra version  10.13.6 (17G65) and our Imac is (21.5-inch, Mid 2011).......also how come it will work on the ipad?  


cheers  Adam 4853

Hey @adam4853,


That's odd!


Could you try that with another network connection?

Does this happen if you try to sign in with another Spotify account?


I'd also recommend creating another user account in your Mac and trying to install Spotify there.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

hi again thanks for your suggestions but nope, tried both of those  -nada!  Still get error 37. Anything else I can try ? Otherwise will have to cancel my premium account  as - unlike you - Spotify have done nothing to resolve issue. 


cheers adam4853

Hey @adam4853,


Sorry that didn't help 🙂


Could you try upgrading to macOS 10.14, always if you haven't already?

You can also check this thread to see if that helps.


Let me know how it goes.

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