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how to fix video on podcast.

how to fix video on podcast.

I downloaded a Joe Rogan podcast on my Mac, it then alerted me the video wouldn't work - as downloads are audio only, despite being online still, so I deleted the download, now the video displays again but is just a black screen.
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Hey @trampdesign,


Thanks for porting in the Community and welcome.


We really appreciate the time you took to report this to us; we know you want to make the best out of your listening experience. We can confirm this is expected behavior. We'd also like you to know we've passed this info on to the relevant team, so they can look into it more thoroughly.


Another user noticed this behavior, so they posted this idea about it. Feel free to add your vote in the thumbs up icon and you can also subscribe to it in the three-dot menu, that way you can stay up-to-date with any relevant news about this. Even though the status is set as Closed - Not Enough Votes, it doesn't mean the idea has been rejected.


We hope you found this helpful. We're always here to help.


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