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how to play more than one song in an album

how to play more than one song in an album

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When you find an album you like in spotify, it lists all the tracks.  If you hit play on one track,it plays that track, then, intead of playing the next track, it always plays the Kungs, cooking on 3 burners. Much as I like the kungs, I have to hear it after EVERY track I want to listen to.


How do I fix it so I can listen to all the tracks on an album, without the Kungs?


I have scoured the UI, and cant find any reason for this.


This is the main reason I dont use spotify.

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This sounds like it might be a queue problem. I wrote a lengthy post here explaining what the queue is, how it works, and how to clear it. 


Hopefully this helps. Let me know how it goes! 

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