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i just updated my premium membership to family

i just updated my premium membership to family

I  just updated my premium membership to family and I was wondering if my library could be separate from my other family members so spotify could reccomend songs in discover weekly and release radar that are just my interests and not my whole families. 






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Hey @randy18randy, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


Yes, each member get's his own account, all the members can listen simultaneously and of course Spotify will offer songs, or prepare Discover Weekly and Release Radar as well as other things in line with your taste and listening behaviour.


You can also check this support article to learn more about Premium for Family.

Hope it helps 🙂

“with your taste and listening behaviour.” we started out as a single account and now we have the family account. all the songs and playlists are music my son chose and i chose, how do we get the daily mix and other suggested music to be for each account holder now.

Hey @randy18randy,


Everything it's mentioned in the support article 🙂

Each member should get his own account in order to do that, since you're the owner invite each of your family members to join your family plan. If they don't have an account yet, they will be able to create one during the joinning process.


Hope it helps!


I did invite my son so he now has his own account but the account that I am left with which is the original account has his taste mixed in with mine

Hey @randy18randy,


Since you said that you used only one account please give Spotify it's time to adjust to you.

When listening to a Radio Station or your Daily Mix or your Discover Weekly playlists just give feedback on them so Spotify can offer you with a more accuracy the music you like to listen to and everything should return back to normal 🙂


Hope it helps!

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