just updated desktop app, but now my History is weeks old!

just updated desktop app, but now my History is weeks old!

i just update spotify on my imac, but now my history entries are showing up songs from weeks ago!

any idea what happened, and how i can get my recent history back?





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Hi Maxartist,


Please could you expand on what you mean by your History being out of date?


If you could provide a screenshot that would be super helpful.


OSX Version: 10.14.2

Spotify Version:

to clarify: i meant that the entries in history were from some time ago, and not current like it should be.

ie, it was showing me songs i had listened to weeks ago.

Do you have access to any other Spotify account via Facebook perhaps?


If you have been listening on that recently, then logged into this older account, it could explain the missing block of history.

thanks for the reply, but i'm sure this is simply a glitch after i updated the desktop app. it randomly showed me history entries from quite a while ago (around 2 weeks old). nevermind... 


i listen on my iphone too, but not facebook. i'm always signed in on my iphone.

This is a wierd one, I would like to get a resolution for you.


Would it be possible to find out which page you are seeing this bug occur on?


I do not seem to have a History or Recently played page on my version of Spotify.

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