liked songs for mac


liked songs for mac

I have a couple of questions on how to transition how I used to do things to the new UI.
I used to have a MAIN playlist which was "Liked from the radio". Any song I liked I would add it in there. Some songs are "ticked" some aren't.  I didn't want to use the "heart" which then evolved into a "tick" because that would mix it with Albums that I would save whereas the Liked from thee radio playlist would just be individual songs that I liked. Also If I were to look at "Songs" in library, I couldn't start playlist radio.
NOW since the update
There is a playlist called Liked songs which is good. It makes it easier to add songs to a main list and it also allows me to start radio based on the songs ijn that list. (it has the functionality of a playlist)
3 problems and questions
1 Can you please clarify, If in the past I saved a whole album, will those songs be now included in the new Liked Songs playlist?
2 I need to move all the songs from my old  main list "liked from the radio" and move it in "Liked songs" these are thousands of songs... I would need to UNTICK everything that's in the new "Liked songs" then go back to my old main list (Liked from the Radio) and TICK all of them one by one.
3 on DESKTOP, I can't see the new "Liked Songs" playlist. I know I could access those songs under "SONGS" but as mentioned before there are problems with that. (can't start radio & it mixes them up with albums that I save.
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1) Yes, if you saved music previously, it should be in the Liked Songs playlist. 


2) Click the first song in your liked in radio playlist that you want to add to your library. Shift-click the last one (this select all songs in between those two as well), or cmd-click to individually select. Right-click (or ctrl-click) after selecting and choose "add to your library."


3) Songs on desktop is the same as Liked Songs on mobile. To start a radio station from a song, right click the song and select "go to radio."