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local files play on macbook but not on iphone 6, even though it says it synced.

local files play on macbook but not on iphone 6, even though it says it synced.

My local files are all imported from iTunes on the Spotify app on my macbook, and they all play fine on my mac. I dragged and dropped them into my playlists, and some of the tracks synced to my phone fine, but a lot of them are still greyed out in the same playlists on my iPhone 6. I have done EVERYTHING suggested on community forums/help forums:


- Mac and iPhone are on the same WiFi.

- Deleted and re-installed the apps on both several times.

- The local files folder on my phone is empty, even though it said it synced the offline files. (saw green progress bar)

- I have toggled the "available offline" button on the playlists containging the greyed out tracks both on my phone and my laptop several times but they are still greyed out.

- When I put my phone into "offline mode" the tracks are still greyed out.

- No matter how many times I sync, "local files" on my phone is still empty.

- Allowed spotify access in my Firewall settings.

- Deleted and re-imported iTunes tracks into local files.

- Reset all offline devices.


I'm very annoyed. I'm on the verge of cancelling my premium subscription because I am getting no help and no helpful information.

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