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lost all my spotify playlists , need help

lost all my spotify playlists , need help

1. I moved recently from Spain to UK.
2. My free Spotify account was blocked without any warning ( because of the 14-day abroad limitation)
3. I couldn't change the country in my account settings to change the country from ES to UK
4. When I created my new profile today (with a different email) and connected it to my same old Facebook account all my playlists and liked songs disappeared. Basically now it looks like a new account.

any chance I can get my playlists back?

4 Replies

Hello and welcome!

Check if any of your old playlists show up here:

You can restore any deleted playlists from there.

HI thanks for reply, 


I checked that , unfortunatelly I have no playlists to recover


does anyone know how can I login into my old account????

anyone had the same problem, when moving to a different country?



Hi there,


I have  exactly the same problem, can you please tell me if you finaly found any solution?

Nope! All the old playlists gone... 😢

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