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"Unsupported format" Playlist Images

"Unsupported format" Playlist Images




 United States


Macbook Pro late 2016

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iOS 10


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When I attempt changing the image of the cover of my playlists the words "Unsupported format" pops up below. I was able to successfully change the image in the past, but I don't know what is different now that it is not allowing me to change the image. It isn't like my use of image is not allowed, they meet the terms and conditions. I use photos I have taken myself and they aren't copyrighted or trademarked. I have searched on the forums for this problem but it showed up short. The closest problem I could find, similar to my own, was when the user pressed save to their newly change image, nothing would happen and the image would change. And when I looked at the solutions or suggestions that would help with this problem I saw many replies stating, "you have to be a rockstar" to change the image. I don't think that is true since I have been able to change the image in the past, unless it is a new spotify update that gives that benefit to a select few. I know that choosing an image for a playlist cover is not an absolute need, but I do enjoy to express that one playlist with an image that reads the vibe. I could do without it, like I said it isn't a need, but it would be nice to find a solution. Thank you for at least attempting to help me out by reading this, even if you don't reply.

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Hi @jenjen111 ! 🙂
Sorry to hear you are having this issue. And just to clarify, no, you don't have to be a Rockstar to change your own playlists images. 🙂

There was a similar issue on this thread that may help if you haven't already seen/tried some of the tips.
I hope it helps resolve it - if not feel free to reply and we can try to troubleshoot some more.

Have an amazing day! 🙂

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