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"Your Music" - How to get in Offline Mode

"Your Music" - How to get in Offline Mode

Hi Guys


I am new to this service after using MOG in Australia for some time.


I have Spotify installed on my Mac and also on my Iphone.


I have on the desktop app added around 500 songs to the "Your Music" section and not created any playlists.


When I open the app on my Iphone, I am select offline mode and every song in there is then in "offline" mode.


On the desktop app, I do not have that option ? Why is that ? Please dont tell me I have to add them all to a "Playlist" to be able to

get it into offline mode ?


Any suggestions would be great.


Also - Just on Albums and Songs, why is it that if I say search for "heart" it brings up there albums but most of them are empty! But if I search for a song by "Heart" it will find the song from that album thats blank! This happens to so many albums I try and search for. I do not understand why a "Best of" album would not show up all the songs! 


It is a real pain to have to try and search for the "songs" I want.


Again, any suggestions would be great





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Unfortunately being able to offline sync your music hasn't yet been added to the desktop application so hopefully it will happen in the future!

At the minute the best work around is to copy all of the tracks to a playlist then offline sync the playlist.

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