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"Your Music" Shuffle albums function

"Your Music" Shuffle albums function

As of now you can right click on "Songs" under my music ang hit "Play" or "Choose as current playlist" how about implementing this function on the "Albums" tab? That way you can listen to all the albums at once without having to swap between them! 


Would anyone else use this function?!

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Save album as playlist then. From what I can guess is that this can be only applied to concrete tracks, probably "album" is just a tag in Spotify's database that gather specific tracks into common list (which is shown as album), WITHOUT being a playlist at the same time.

Wouldn't that have the same effect as right-clicking the songs tab and clicking play?

Since every song that is saved in the albums tab is also saved in the songs tab.


Or do I miss something here? 🙂



I feel this is how it should work. "Your Music" should be one library that you can view as a big list of songs, or organised into albums, or into artists. But it doesn't seem to be.


In my case, the "Songs" part is a tiny subset of the large number of albums I've saved, and I can't find any pattern at all for which saved albums end up here and which do not.


Perhaps it's a bug?


EDIT: Checked on the Spotify Android app - this shows all songs in the Songs tab. This appears to be a bug in the desktop client.

Moved over here in the help section, since as mentioned, clicking on the song list and play should have the same effect.

If not all songs appear under the song tab as mentioned in the comments, this looks like a bug.


There seems to be a bug that happens when you save too many songs from a playlist at once, could you try and add less songs at once to Your Music?

No it would play all the song from all the albums.

Does restarting the client (File > Exit) and relaunching make any difference? As Marco said, Songs and Albums should have the same content at the minute.

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I don't think people are understanding the request.


The object is to listen to full albums, where we would hear an album played 1-12 (or however many tracks) and then, when the album is done, randomly choose another album. 


Apple had this feature on super old iPods, but then dropped it.


There is now an app that will do this on the iPhone:


I want this on spotify!


I listen to music all day, and when an album stops, i would like it to choose a random album for me to listen to next. 

Bonus points if I can have a checklist of albums which I'm currently "into" for it to select from

Hey All, that app I posted, combined will Apple Music does the trick. Apple Music here I come!

You can do this with the Spotify Mini Player with Alfred —

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