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remove unwanted artists from radio/release radar, "discover" playlists


remove unwanted artists from radio/release radar, "discover" playlists

recently my mothers iPad broke and I gave her mine until she git her new one. During that time she used Spotify Premium on my iPad and listened to a whole bunch of horrible music (read: music that´s not even close to what I like) and this totally messed up my Discover weekly playlists, Release Radar also a full daily playlist. Is there a way to manually remove the unwanted artists and songs she listened to so my Spotify account is not scaring me anymore when after a DnB song suddenly German Schlager kicks in?


I already went through the  followed artists lists etc....


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Hey there @caed198


Thanks for reaching out - help’s here!

Currently the option to like/dislike songs in Discover Weekly is only available on the Spotify desktop app. If you think other users would also like this on the web-player, you can always submit it as an idea. 


You can read more about how the idea submission process works by clicking here. We always take new ideas and feedback into consideration to improve the app, and you can read more about how ideas work here


There is also an existing idea which suggests a change similar to the one many of you have requested here - feel free to add your vote to it here.


As a heads-up, it's good to know that the higher the number of votes an idea gets, the more likely it is for the idea to be implemented 🙂


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.

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Unfortunately, there currently is no way of doing this.

My suggestion would be to continue listening to your music taste over and over, and Spotify's algorithms will detect you're no longer interested in your mother's music taste. As such, will stop them from appearing in your Discover Weekly/Release Radar.


Hope this helps 🙂

 - James

That´s what I figured. Found a whole bunch of similar complaints here in the forums and all over the internet and the option to either ban artists, delete songs from history or reset a daily mix in general should definitely be offered.


Kinda disappointing when such an awesome feature like the daily mixes, discover weekls etc. is messed up. Degrades my Spotify experience a lot....

Sorry to hear that 😞


Unfortunately, that's not an option right now.

This Idea may be what you're after,

If you vote on it, it's got more chances of being implemented 🙂


 - James


Well in two years of not listening to certain artists they still creep up relentlessly. How hard is a dislike button to implement?



The problem with this technique is that it is a vicious circle.  If you use Release Radar, these artists will play and you will hear them and they'll be added back into the mix.  So, you have to take a break from many of the great song picking algorithms Spotify offers.  Which is really the only reason to chose Spotify over any other service.


My niece listened to pentatonix on my account like 3 years ago and I've suffered ever since.

Yes, I too had my son use our Spotify Account which we upgraded to a family account and now we keep getting Thrash Metal interspersed with Italian guitar and Chopin!!! Not ideal at all. I too have been listening to my music for a long time now and it still happens...! 

Come on Spotify, pull your "Like and Not Like" thumbs out

I too am receiving songs (primarily on my Release Radar) that I have no interest in. Here’s what happened in my case:


There was one song I was particularly interested in and had listened to a few times – Stars & Scars by Point Blank circa 1977. The problem is Point Blank (a Southern rock band) disbanded 1984. However there now is a Hip-Hop band with the same name. Henceforth, I am now continually getting these nonsense songs with their constant swearing, use of the N-word, sexual content, etc. of which I have no use for. To add to this quandary is I do not know which songs/groups are Hip-Hop genre. So, as I progress through the Release Radar song list I inadvertently open up songs of extreme displeasure, which in order causes Spotify to assume this is music of my pleasure and slams me with more of this garbage.



Have this exact same problem. It is a vicious loop which is growing within my release radar now, with multiple artists I hate slipping in, being played when I listen to the playlist at work, and appearing again next week. All I would like is a 'block artist', as I tend to get specific artists rather than genres, like Eminem, Ed Sheeran, Snoop Dog, all of which I have 0 interest in listening to.

Arrgh, me too, some death metal is beeing played again and again. I can't stand it, but can't remove it either.
I just cancelled my account, and I guess I will have to change the provider too (amazon? ) or make me a complete new account, new email address, credit-card number?  **bleep**, what a bull**bleep**....

Or at least - add a "Dislike" button to the "Release radar" list.

I usually start the list and leave it in the background, so, whenever David Guetta plays his newest _choon_ to me, I've technically "listened" to it even if only for 10 seconds, and Spotify decides that I'm a diehard fan 😞

Why not just have everyone have their own spotify account? Then there will be no mixed songs.

well, you give your phone to someone because he wants to show you a song, and BAMMM! it's on your account. I didn't know that before.

My solution was canceling the account. No more spotify in my household since a couple months now.

Fu** Spotify!!!

Ok. My first post included the word "**bleep**" so I should have used **bleep**. **bleep** is a donkey from the English language, Webster's, Oxford, and Cambridge dictionaries from what I see and my comment would have been light using donkey as a desCription of having to listen to James Taylor and being able to block his "artistry or laziness" and following the lazy **bleep** music writing that shouldn't be played other than the one hit to lift (but anybody could cover it and it will hit the Mark). So is there a way to ensure I don't have to run and skip when my phone is playing Spotify at another's home and just by chance good 'Ole Jimmy Taylor comes up to my shame? Please let me know. And update your 'bad word' database because who's the donkey here

Oh dear God. A friend helpfully told my Google Home in my kitchen to play a particular album of acoustic guitar songs. Now Spotify thinks I LOVE acoustic guitar and "hey Google, play some music" ALWAYS starts some dreadful middle of the road acoustic nightmare. Then, Google misheard me when I asked for a particular playlist and now I have some random hip hop deep soul thing in my daily mix. And apparently, IT WILL BE THIS WAY FOREVER. I seriously don't think I can wait for the fix. This just broke Spotify for me.

Hey, there's a   🚫 button next to the track in my Daily Mix with "Don't play artist..." as an option!

The idea of just leaving it to Spotify's algorithms to 'learn' (poster #2 or such) is remarkable, since Spotify's algorithms didn't detect that certain artists are not played anymore (as described in several comments here) nor does it make any use of the fact that certain artists are always skipped when they come up in the Release Radar, after having played them once, and only partially. The algorithm that predicts what I like musically is yet to be developed. 

Amazing that people have been complaining about this for years and yet, Spotify does nothing…

My temporary solution is that I start the release radar / weekly mixtape and then go to "Queue" and manually delete everything by Sia (I'm sorry I listened to one of her albums once or twice three years ago!) and other artists I don't want there.

Another suggestion: Please give us the option to completely ban remixes from all personalized playlists. I don't listen to electronic music and I have no interest in hearing any of my fave artists remixed, thank you very much! I manually delete these, too.

It's baffling to me how such a feature couldn't be implemented until now. And considering the remarkable accuracy of Discover Weekly predictions, the Release Radar falls short of the “AI magic” that Spotify otherwise makes use of. It seriously does not consider songs or artists not being played.


“My suggestion would be to continue listening to your music taste over and over, and Spotify's algorithms will detect you're no longer interested in your mother's music taste. As such, will stop them from appearing in your Discover Weekly/Release Radar”


The above is simply not the case. I haven't listened to some bands for over four years! Someone had used my account at the time to listen to some songs from some crappy pop punk bands — I wish I would never see these being suggested to me again.

maddening isn't it. 


ironically i saw drake being pushed last weekend, he still crops up in my playlist due to an ex listening to him 4/5 years ago.  How I would love a block button to block him and all the other r&b artists associated with him.

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