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saved songs do not appear in "your music" - "songs" but do appear in "your music" - "albums"


saved songs do not appear in "your music" - "songs" but do appear in "your music" - "albums"

I'm trying to accept that I can't star things anymore, so instead I've tried to use the "+" button to save all my starred tracks.  That worked at first.  I "+"-ed all my starred tracks and they now appear in "songs" under "your music".  Then I "+"-ed a few new songs, but they don't appear in my music.  When I search for them again and hover over them I can see that they are already selected: like the correctly saved songs they have a check mark in place fo the "+" button.  When I look at my albums rather than my songs, the new songs are there, but I can't play all albums like I can play all songs.  I've attached screenshots for one song, Flaws by Bastille, for example.  You can see that it's not present in my songs list (sorted by artist), but it is present in my albums and when I try ot search for it spotify tells me with a check mark that it's already been saved.


What's going on and how can I make all of my saved/checked songs appear in the songs area of "your music"?

Screenshot 2014-04-09 14.33.19.png
Screenshot 2014-04-09 14.33.49.png
Screenshot 2014-04-09 14.34.18.png

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Hey there! Welcome to the community!


Does it appear on the web player? If it does, then it must be a client problem. Which most likely it can be fixed by logging out then back in on the desktop client or a clean reinstsall.

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Hey there! Welcome to the community!


Does it appear on the web player? If it does, then it must be a client problem. Which most likely it can be fixed by logging out then back in on the desktop client or a clean reinstsall.

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I'm having the same problem. In addition, songs that show up under "Songs" don't show up under the Albums or Artists views. I tried the web player at your suggestion but they did not show up there, either. Logging out and back in on the desktop client seems to refresh the Songs section, but not the Artists or Albums section.


I really like the new structure, I'd just like it work! ^_^

I'll say that it seems to matter how I add them. Dragging songs onto "Songs" doesn't add them to artists or albums. clicking the checkmark from a playlist doesn't either, but doing it directly from an album view will. It seems like these should all sync up though.

Figured mine out. Turns out this is as intended (at least the not being added to albums/artists unless you add it from an album view).

Same problem. It appears to change depending on where you "save" the song. For instance, if I check the song when it is listed under the Popular listing, the song will not appear in "my music." But if I play the song and check it off right under the album artwork, it will show up in my music. For now I'm just going to save songs as I play them, but this is a silly feature and spotify should automically add it to the "songs" collection no matter where you do it. 


As an aside, I am also putting my opinion into the ring by saying that taking away the starred system was a huge mistake! Why replace a system so many users love with an inferior option that doesn't work and is not integrated properly with the "outdated" model?? Especially when the two systems do the exact... same... thing...

I was having the same problem with the save tracks disappearing. 
Here's what I discovered. 

This applies to both the Desktop and Mobile apps. 

I could check Save in the Desktop App or the Mobile App and the tracks would show up for 30 seconds and then uncheck themselves. 
In the desktop app, I could check 3 songs in an album (Album A) and they would stay, then the 4th would check and uncheck on its own. 

I removed several saved tracks from another album (Album B) and was able to go back to (A) and save the entire album. 

What I was experiencing was not a desktop or mobile app specific issue. 
Therefore, I am going back to playlists until the limit has been removed.

The limit is 10,000 songs.

Also happening on my account. All from My Music is missing (Songs menu, Albums menu, etc).

They do appear in the web player and mobile device.


iMac (27-inch, Late 2013)
Model Name: iMac
Model Identifier: iMac14,2
Processor Name: Intel Core i5
Processor Speed: 3.2 GHz

If any info needed, let me know.

I couldn't find my saved files in Spotify on my pc. Tried and tried. Finally removed and reinstalled Spotify and now it works great! Just found this forum. Will report back if anything changes. I'm just getting on to this. I'm 65. My son loves Spotify. I may soon also...LOL. Now to tackle the iPhone and iPad. Wish me luck. Jerry

This happened to me as well several songs out of my your music dissapear to be saved again or uncheck themselves

Thank you. Reinstall worked for me.

Hello, I'm experiencing the same issue, but a reinstall does not work for me (mac user).


Artist is First Aid Kit.

Have added several songs from their own albums, which show up in the "Your music" artist page.

Have added one song from a compilation album ("Walk unafraid"), and it doesn't show up in the "Your music" artist page.


In the web player, it does show up fine and I have 21 songs from the artist listed.

In the desktop player (Mac) and on mobile (Android), the song does not appear, and I have 20 songs from the artist listed.


Please someone from Spotify look into this. I think it has to do with the fact that the song also doesn't show up on the official artist page (but clicking on the artist name from the song that's currently playing does lead you to the correct artist).

I can't find my saved songs. They are still there somewhere cause I tried to save a song I already had and it come up to remove it. Where is my music. I haven't got 10000 songs only about 40 saved. Where the hell is my saved music ????????

The Spotify UI is ridiculous. Absolutely flawed. I hate it.

OK, so I encountered "the limit of death" the other day on my desktop version. Furious at first, but hey, I got over it.

Decided to clear some space for new albums so I looked in "Songs" under "Your Music". I found an album that I know I didn't own prior to my Spotify subscription. Opened it and saw the status was that the album wasn't "Saved". 

How am I expected to free up space as your patronising error message suggests? 

I just don't get Spotify. What is a "Saved" song? I sure as **bleep** don't know. 

The Spotify song management needs a complete overhaul. Come on guys, it's a mess isn't it? I think we need to further separate out songs associated with users. 

I suggest that saving a song to a playlist constitutes as it being "Saved". 

So instead of:

  • Songs
  • Albums
  • Artists
  • Local Files

I'd like to see something like:

  • Artists
  • Albums
  • Songs
    • All
      • Local Files (Filter)
      • Saved Files (Filter)
      • Playlists
        • Playlist 1
        • Playlist 2

Maybe something a little less complex, but you get my drift. I think you should focus more on a filtering system as opposed to just categorising everything. 

Hi there,


None of my saved songs appear under your music - songs on my Mac. I have not reached the max for number of songs and the artists and playlists still appear. 


I've fully uninstalled and reinstalled the app three times with no success using these steps and this video,


Please let me know how I can view my songs! Thank you!

I'm having the same issue, my saved songs show to the songs tab, but not on artists or albums. That is on the, in the app everything shows perfectly fine, but it's just a bit inconvenient bc when I'm at school, for example, and I'm using one of their computers to work, I can't download Spotify there unless I'm an administrator and I can't find my music through the web player either. It's just too bad 😞 
Also, I can't seem to be able to change the language anymore in the web player either.

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