serious streaming/performance issues?

serious streaming/performance issues?

For the last week or so I've been experiencing severe performance issues with spotify. Whole sections of content not loading (like bios or new stuff), songs not playing, songs stopping in the middle and freezing, spotify constantly crashing. I've reinstalled the app to no avail. It's not my network, everything else streams and loads fine and my system hasn't changed (osx 10.7.6). Anybody have any ideas or similar issues?


I love spotify and I'm a premium subscriber, but between these issues and all the bugs and functionality issues I've almost about had it...

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I'm on Windows and have had the same thing over past 3 weeks.  Really weird because nothing else on my PC has changed.  Internet connection still blazing fast whenever I run a speedtest.  For me it's really spotty (pun not intended), and sometimes everything just works fine.  Makes it really hard and a PIA to troubleshoot...

Just got an error message I've never seen before amidst all the streaming issues (music stopping, starting, stopping).  It said something along the lines of "there's a connection issue (101)".  

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