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spotify audio bug when playing other content on mac

spotify audio bug when playing other content on mac




United States


Macbook Pro, 2017

Operating System

macOS mojave


My Question or Issue

when playing songs on spotify and then switching to say chrome and trying to play youtube video, you generally pause spotify. but when i pause spotify the audio on my mac goes away. the volume is fine, youtube video is playing but there is no audio output. to fix this, i have to change audio source on my mac from say 'internal speakers' to desktop/wireless headphones and then back to internal speakers. This behaviour happens whether my current/actual output is internal speakers or any wireless headphones. I have to manually change audio sources back and forth to get volume. If during this error state i go from pause to unpause/resume state again, i can hear both youtube and spotify together.

This issue is not just related to youtube. any other video or audio i try to listen to on any browser (chrome, firefox) i have the same issue. its super annoying.

1 Reply

Thanks for reaching out to the Community, @satyapramodh!


This sounds like an issue with your computer rather than Spotify since Spotify can't control other content on your computer, such as Youtube.  I would recommend you look into getting tech support from where you purchased your computer, or that you take it into an Apple store to get checked out.


I hope this helps!

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