unwanted song starts playing at random times

unwanted song starts playing at random times

For a couple of weeks now an unwanted song ( an unimaginably crappy swedish rap song, that I'd never in a million years would choose to play) starts playing at random times. It happens on both my mac and my iphone. Sometimes it interrupts other songs as I'm using spotify or start playing when Im not using spotify at all, last time was last night at 4.15 in the #%%€""#/&€# morning on the iphone!

Ive seen threads about this going back to 2013, so it seems to be an ongoing problem.

If anyone could help me out I'd be grateful.







iphone 6s, macbook

Operating System

ios11.4.1, High sierra


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Hey @crunchyfrogg! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That sounds weird.

The only possible reason for this is, that some device were you haven't logged out is playing this specific song.

Have you tried to 'Log out Everywhere' on your Spotify account page?

And maybe change your password to be 100% sure. 


Let me know how it goes! ^^


thanks, Ive given your suggestions a try and Im hoping i never have to hear that flippin' song again 😉

  1. i have the same problem. at first i found random songs that i’ve never listened to in my recently played but now it’s gotten worse and my music will be interrupted saying it’s playing from another device. i’ve changed my password like 3 times already and i’ve logged out everywhere but it still keeps happening. im this close to changing to apple music istg ALSO i’ve cancelled my spotify a lot of times but it still keeps charging me and i’ve done everything i can to try and fix it

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