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30-second song previews on desktop and mobile app

30-second song previews on desktop and mobile app

Before when I go to discover songs and hold the play button it would preview a piece of the song.

Now, it doesn't do that anymore. It's not my computer because I just reinstalled Windows.


Edit: both desktop (Windows) ánd mobile (iPhone) app.

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Was this removed from iOS too? I was hoping it will be finally also available on Android, but no, Spotify decided to pull this feature altogether?! Hey guys, what are you doing, you pulled the app altogether from LG TV-s a couple of months ago, and now another great feature is gone from the app? I highly recommended Spotify for my friends and using premium since I got my Marantz network player 3-4 years ago(which by the way also doesn't get support, Weekly Discovery doesn't even show up). Since then I got my whole family to subscribe to a family plan. But as Spotify keeps making removing apps, and features, I am really not that certain I will recommend Spotify for my freinds in the future.

This was a great feature that was actually a very clever implementation. Please bring it back, it was one of my primary ways of discovering music!!

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