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A strange occurence of music linking to different tracks.

A strange occurence of music linking to different tracks.

O.K I just had something strange and unusual happen. I was organizing my playlists setting them up under a folder tree structure to get a Library feature of sorts of all the music I have in all my playlists. I was going through the playlists checking for chain linking symbols and such and updating those playlist with new uploaded content of those same releases which happens often. I was checking my Megadeth Playlist when I noticed a release called Rust In Peace Live (which is a live recorded show of the entire studio album release done live) with all of the tracks with the chain symbols next to them all, so naturally I followed the linking to what I thought was the new uploaded content, boy was I wrong. I ended up having both live material from that live album as well as studio material from the same named release showing up and playable from that release. So to make a story short those linking symbols ended up linking to some tracks available from that release as well as linking to some tracks from the regular studio release. Both releases have the same tracking names and some how the desktop app got messed up on that release and would not let me update that release properly in my playlist just keep adding the chain symbols no matter if I followed those links to what I thought was the current updated release.


How I fixed this.


1. Remove the release from the playlist

2. Log out of the app

3. Reboot the pc.

4. Log back into the desktop app

5. Go back to the artist page

6. Add the release back into your playlist

7. Release adds correctly in playlists without any linking chain symbols.


So for some who might be having trouble with a release with stuck linking chain symbols and/or wrong tracks playing where the correct ones should be playing using the current desktop app on a windows 8.1 machine, a user might try these steps first before uninstalling the app, a reboot seemed to clear the issue for me without having to uninstall and do a clean fresh reinstall of the app, or trying to figure out how to remove the cache files for the desktop app to clear the issue.

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