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Add local music instead of starting over with search

Add local music instead of starting over with search

I have a lot of local files and instead of trying to add those local files to Spotify playlist I'd like to start new playlists based upon those artists and songs but I don't want to have to search for every track or artist to create playlists. If I add local files to playlists is that the same thing?


Basically my understanding is that local files can be added but not necessarily played given licensing restrictions.


Am I just being redundant?


I guess it's kind of like with Google play music you can play your local files that you owned but you can also stream the same artists and music and create playlists from those streaming stations and music.


Kind of like having your own music accessible with subscription music that you don't already own.  But being able to keep the two separate.

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Hey there @Snn5,

thanks for posting !


If you uploaded local files aren't playable due to legal restrictions, Spotify app will recognize them and will have them greyed out.


You can use your local files and add them to playlists on the device they were uploaded from.

Spotify algorithm will not include them in recommendations or and other special curated playlists like the Release Radar, Daily Mix or Discover Weekly.


Reply back to the post if i misunderstood you.

I'd be more than glad to help again 🙂

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